Our Vision

To deliver similar total returns as traditional Private Equity, Venture Capital and Pre-IPO funds, but with a lower risk profile and a shorter timeframe to liquidity, through proactive management of a diversified portfolio of private, founder-led company SME investments.

Investing with Founders

Kelly+Partners Investment Office (KPIO) represents an enhanced approach to private company investing. We invest alongside founders, owners and families in private SMEs across Australia and New Zealand.

Unique Pipeline

KPIO’s exclusive access to a strong pipeline of high quality private companies and their founder owners within the Kelly+Partners network provides a distinct proprietary advantage for KPIO within the private SME investment universe.

Investment Structure

KPIO seeks to help address the myriad of internal and external challenges currently facing the private SME sector. We invest in established, growing, non-cyclical, founder-led and lowly geared companies with a clear path to an exit transaction in the medium term. Potential investments are carefully assessed via the investment team’s rigorous investment filter and investment process.  

Team Approach

The KPIO investment team has decades of experience in domestic and international financial markets, including extensive and relevant specialist knowledge across:

+ private & public companies

+ corporate strategy & business optimisation

+ transaction advice & execution

+ financial & industry analysis