KPIO seeks to address the myriad of internal and external challenges currently facing private SMEs, including:

+ Access to capital

+ Assessing growth options

+ Corporate advice

+ Transaction advice

+ Capex scenarios

+ Retirement & succession

KPIO takes a proactive approach to the management of its underlying investments and their prospective liquidity events. Its proactive management process includes:

+ Capital management & allocation

+ Corporate strategy & business optimisation

+ Transaction advice & execution

KPIO proactively assists its underlying investments to optimise their corporate strategy and business model, including strategic planning, capital management, analysis and forecasting.

KPIO also assists with transaction advice, transaction execution and construction of the investment case of its underlying investments in relation to prospective liquidity events, including IPO, M&A, primary capital raise, trade sale and private equity sale.

The KPIO investment team has wide experience with both private & public companies and the requisite skills to assist its underlying investments.