Our Services

Our investment team offers investors access to a unique and exclusive pipeline of investment opportunities through the Kelly+Partners network and selective set of third party managers to deliver high risk-adjusted and diversified returns with medium to long term investment horizon. Our wealth advisors offer objective and unbiased advice to Kelly+Partners partners and clients. 

K+P Investment Office incubated Special Opportunities Fund #1 with $5.7m of invested capital from 47 unit holders in June 2018.  KPIO Investment Office currently manages $6.9m of assets in Fund #1 at the end of March 2020. Funds under management reached at a high of $8m at the end of September 2019, before $1.6m was returned to unit holders in late 2019.

In Fund #1, K+P Investment Office managed assets across both the public and private markets. Our investment team are highly skilled in areas of public and private companies, corporate strategy, business optimisation, transaction advice and management. Where we choose to invest with third-party managers, we may place funds either directly with the third-party managers in our role as limited partners, or we may hire them to manage our capital in a separately managed account in vehicles that are operated by K+P Investment Office.  K+P Investment Office will carefully curate a portfolio of third-party managers to provide diversity across strategies, asset classes and geographies.  Where we engage with third-party managers, K+P Investment Office grants full trading discretion and authority to these managers, and focuses on monitoring performance and risk limits.