Kelly Partners Investment Office believes Australian investors are over-allocated to public equities, fixed-interest, property and other traditional asset classes, and hence require additional sources of uncorrelated and diversified returns.  In response to these investor needs, KPIO is focused on investments in private SME companies, a sector which is underinvested and undervalued, and thereby provides a compelling alternative to public equity markets.

KPIO provides an enhanced approach to private company investing which is characterised by:

Investing alongside founders, owners and families in private SMEs across Australia and New Zealand

Proactive approach to the management of underlying investments and liquidity events

Established, growing, non-cyclical companies

Large & exclusive pipeline of investment opportunities across the Kelly+Partners network

Private to public valuation uplift

Clear path to an exit transaction in medium term

Cornerstoning to improve investment terms 

+ Diversified portfolio of uncorrelated investments